Ms. Nautica Hunt

President, Eta Chapter Youth Group

Ms. Nautica Hunt is President of the Eta Chapter Youth Group, Fort Worth, Texas, and she also serves as President of the Southern Region Youth Group. She was Miss Futurama in Atlanta for 2012-2014.

Ms Hunt shares what membership in the Youth Group means to her, She states, "Some leaders are born others are made. I believe I was born to lead but the characteristics I needed to become a good leader were enhanced by my experience with the Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Youth Group, the Bee-ettes. As a Bee-ette, I learned to focus my attention: first - on what’s next; second - on what the main priority is; and third – on who is the best person to get the job done."

"I have always been creative and determined to complete any task I began, but ETA has helped me focus on being inspirational and has taught me how to motivate others. So when asked the question, How has my Youth Group developed my leadership and social skills, there is no easy way to explain the depths of knowledge I have gained; and I thank ETA for everything they have introduced and exposed me to. I have had the opportunity to organize meetings, events, go to plays, political seminars, debuts and more. I have traveled to Arkansas, Houston, Oklahoma and Atlanta, GA. This exposure has furthered my leadership education and development and fine tuned my social skills."